About Us

LATITUDE Gallery New York

Founded in this special year of 2020, LATITUDE Gallery supports and represents young contemporary artists from not only China, Asia but all around the world, featuring avant-garde exhibitions and performances in a variety of media. Through diverse programs such as open calls, exhibitions, screenings, interviews, talks, art salons, workshops, and online presentations, we are dedicated to fostering a creative community, stimulating intellectual discussions, and engaging a wide range of audiences. As a boutique and an virtual art platform, we provide not only far-reaching opportunities for artists and designers to explore new ways of selling and promoting their works but also for all collectors to explore and engage.


Shihui Zhou

Founder/ Director


Yunyun Liang @ Tabletopic 

Visual Director


Zheng Yuan

Curator/ Writer in residence


Jingru Li

Curator in residence


Shuang Cai

Curatorial Assistant 


Jingyan Weng

Gallery Assistant