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A Tooth For A Tooth by Xianglong Li

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Artist XiangLong Li was born in China and is now living and working in New York. He earned his BFA in Illustrated Book degree from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and is studying in MFA Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts currently. In his body of works, he remixes images, texts, and 3D model materials from pop-culture, social events, and the internet. XiangLong produces GIFs, Videos, and Paintings, which focus on culture discrepancy and fragment of information. In the work ‘Learning Chinese with XiangLong: A Collection of Chinese Idioms’, By simulating the classroom teaching mode, Chinese is explained in an absurd and humorous way. Chinese words and sentences are converted into imprecise English by means of the translation machine. The audience will be taught by the teaching method of spoon-feeding with visual and auditory scenes in an attempt to brainwash. In addition, the influence of the phenomenon of pan-entertainment on cultural transmission in the era of information fragmentation is explored by a series of works.